The Wealthy Backpacker

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Freedom, Fun and Personal Empowerment


Krista Whiteside

Krista Whiteside

Holistic Nutritionist and Online Entrepreneur

"An incredible resource for financial education that has allowed me to achieve financial mobility."

Dale Seeman

Dale Seeman

Hair Stylist, Artist, Business Owner

"I am not a savvy investor, and this book gave me the confidence to invest."

Stefan Pylarinos

Stefan Pylarinos

Author & Internet Millionaire

"The Wealthy Backpacker is an outstanding book that will help anyone get started making money online."

Why this book is a must-read today

Where are you in your financial life today? And where would you like to be? Between those two points there's a gap - we call it the Dream Gap.

The Wealthy Backpacker is the bridge across your Dream Gap. It's the ultimate step-by-step guide to creating lifetime wealth in the global digital economy.

Crafted by a successful hedge fund founder and an international entrepreneur, this is a totally NEW approach to your financial destiny.

Using the secrets of the global financial elite, the authors show you how to break free from the trap of locality - so you can create wealth anywhere, at any time, with nothing more than your laptop, tablet or phone.

What you will learn

The meaning of "financial mobility" and why it's the key to wealth today

The very real threats to your financial future-if you don't act now

The untapped resources of the new world economy that can make you rich

How to reduce your expenditures and dramatically improve your lifestyle

How to create an income faucet to get cash flowing into your life

How to invest with a global mindset, so your money works for you - world wide!

The amazing luxury lifestyle that's more affordable than you think And much, much more...

Table of contents

1. The Rooster is Calling. Are you awake?

What I'm about to share with you in this book is so cutting edge, so powerful, so simple - you just may end up quitting your job, selling all your possessions and moving to a foreign country in the next 48 hours...

2. The Wolf is at the Door. Are you his next meal?

Right now there are thousands of people who are taking advantage of digital technology in the new world economy... you can join them...

3. Rise of the Digital Elite and The New World Economy

The Wolrd has changed! There has never been a better time to secure your financial fortune...

4. How I Went From Deflated Dreams to Partying in the Penthouse

After trying and testing a variety of these strategies, I was able to amass a small personal fortune in just a few years...

5. Reduce - The First Principle

You will be shocked at how much money you can free up to invest...

6. Maximize - The Second Principle

We think differently, we believe you can escape, that technology is the key, and armed with the right information it has now become your revolutionary duty to escape before it's too late...

7. Invest - The Third Principle

Once you know the rules, the players, and the strategy - winning the game becomes a matter of time...

8. From Gutenberg to Google. Understanding the Global Game

Those who are aware of the trends and cycles will prosper during the coming economic crisis...

9. Non-Local Dependent Global Digital Income

Let's take you behind the curtain of investment secrecy and reveal the tools and techniques that have allowed the billionaires of the present to...

10. Fast Track Your Fortunes

With a little bit of work, some savvy investments and willingness to take action you can almost certainly create the lifestyle of your dreams...

11. The Monkey and the Coconut

A spring of abundance is about to flow to everyone in the world who embraces it's bounty...

12. Your Escape Plan

Make the jump, opt out of the rat race, travel the world, and find that perfect location where you can trade the market, work online, and live a completely financially free lifestyle... A spring of abundance is about to flow to everyone in the world who embraces it's bounty...

Meet the author

Wade T Lightheart

Wade Lightheart is an entrepreneur, athlete, author and visionary. Wade is a former 3-time All Natural Canadian Bodybuilding Champion. He serves as Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, Director of Education for Bioptimizers Nutrition Company and as a Master Trainer for a billion-dollar direct sales company.

In 2007 he joined a direct sales organization and became one of the top producers in the company in his first year. He currently owns and operates several online businesses, a consulting business, and a nutritional company.

He wrote his first book in 2004 and entered the online marketing world with one of his current business partners.